Jinny Whittaker

Photo of Jinny Whittaker

Jinny worked alongside ESG’s founder and her husband, Craig Whittaker, since its inception in 2002. Following his passing in August 2014, she assumed a leadership role as Company President.  Jinny has served as a NC Realtor and was co-owner of the Whittaker Group, an independent provider of health and wellness products. She started that company in 1992 and by 1995 the Whittaker Group had over 200 distributors across the United States and sales volume had increased by at least 50% each year. In 1996, Whittaker was named one of the top 50 distributors in the United States and was awarded the top designation of President’s Club by Shaklee Corporation.

Whittaker’s long-time association with ESG, coupled with the eight years she spent managing the Whittaker Group and twenty-five years teaching in higher education, has provided her with extensive experience in marketing on a national level and managing all aspects of a business.

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